Day 426 Thanksgiving of the Spirit

Thanksgiving: I Thank the Lord for Spirit, For He is Calling us beyond the Flesh. For we are entering into the Time of The Latter Rain and By The increase of His Spirit, Our Father is making a way for signs and Miracles and wonders to be upon us. I daily give thanks to He who saves, For His Son will return on that glorious Day!

We must train and prepare ourselves for eternity, not for a 120 year reign. If all we do is to prepare our children to operation in the flesh, then we are not equipping them for True Worship in the Spirit. We know what have been written, For do you not know we will Judge Angel someday? But how are we equipping a generation to receive this new position? We need to think and prepare beyond this world, for as we aim higher, We shall exceed the things of Flesh. For it is Written that their will be those who shall work in signs and miracles and wonder by the Name of Jesus, and we have to begin training through not only fasting and praying, but a daily commitment in Authority over all aspect of this life.

Where Elijah had to pray to heaven for it to Rain, Jesus Command the Wind and rain to cease. Where Jacob prayed for the Sun to Stand still, Jesus Commanded the Water to be still and walked upon it! We must exercise our Authority. God will Blessed these things to those who seek to dedicate their lives unto him. If we are doing these things in order for Worldly reasons and not in preparation of what the Lord is calling us to, then it is for not. All things are possible through Christ Jesus for those who Believe, First Part is that it must come through Christ and be acceptable by His Word and Standard, Second is by Our Faith, Wavering not by unbelief. Fear Not! For the Lord our God is standing with us in Jesus Name!


Prayer: I Pray Father you Continue to Bring understand and knowledge to your Children, So that we may be workers not of the Flesh, but of the Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen!

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