My Daily Songs 1-16

Song 1: For the way of the Righteous brings forth Blessings, but the ways of the wick bring forth destruction. For a Man planted in the Lord shall reap what he has sown. But those who linger in sin are rewarded by their actions. What is favor if you are never in the company of He who gives it! For we are all welcome in the house of the Lord, but those who seek to sin shall not find comfort in his rest!


Song 2: For profits the Kings of the Earth to Challenge God’s Rule? For They rise and fall like the tides beating the sand, each one thinking they are greater than the other! For my God is the creator of all these things. They Worship silver, gold and created things. For these idols will parish just as the rulers. I will send my Son for whom I love and ascend upon you on Mountain Zion. For those who are faithful to me I will give my staff, for those driven away receive my rod!


Song 3: Lord My enemies are all around and affliction is upon my body, who shall I fear! I give reverence to your Name Father as I am in the midst of my pain and affliction. For you are my only Joy in this Life and I cry out in my time of Need! In Jesus Name Father, Heal my body! In your Mercy I find Grace. In your Name I find Hope. Bless your child as we are your Namesakes!


Song 4: For men seek everlasting in immortal things. I seek your face which is life and life more abundantly. Keep me away from temptation, as it is your Grace is what saves. I am indebted to the love that brought me from the grave. For we are dust without you, and we the world turns another day, those who seek your face in the time of darkness are awaken to your light!


Song 5: For my sin may stain my mortal body, but is washed away in eternity in you! You have judge those before you by their Faith as anything else could not stand the test of time. One among the thousands of Generation that you have found worthy! I Thank you Lord, that my Words are from your Spirit. Even as I am not Worthy, there is one that sits Upon the Throne and is my Advocator! For man in their ways will be corrupted. For what is made by hand shall fade away, this is why no created thing shall be Worshipped! I Thank you Lord that you have greater plans before me. In The morning, I enter into your Throne room, Remembering every great and worthy deed. I am One called by your Everlasting Spirit and with this Calling, I shall not Relent!


Song 6: My Despair is this, I seek not a life of Sin, but to seek your face. I see my life of waywardness has lead me down a path of death, but Lord, My Heart was to always serve you. I see death and destroy surrounds me, but I cry out to you from the open grave! Can you not see my suffering, do you not see my pain! For I have nothing without your present, for it is your countenance that I seek! Turn not your back from me oh Lord, for I have been stuck in this place of Groaning. I know nothing than what you have shown me and I continue to Learn like a child. In my simple ways, I have sought to take after my Father. As an Orphan, I have search after your likeness. I have been place in the Desert and seek your love like a mirage. I have but One Hope and invested all within it.


Song 7: My enemies surrounds me on either side. They seek to destroy all joy that comes from you. They hearts are filled with malice, they desire comes deep within there bellies. They have no love in their hearts and shall be Judged and found guilty. They plot my ruin, their ways are of the grave. I have found no relief from there onslaught, day and night they plan against me. I have but one shield which is you my Father. For you are the Savior to the righteous. In all your ways, I shall acknowledge you! There is no other who shall save me and I look to only you. In my time of despair, I take comfort in you Lord. I shall not repay their evil for evil, but seek 10 fold return on what has been taken from me!


Song 8: We, the weaker of your creations, have been given a great honor in your name! Made Lower than heavenly beings, you have sent your own Son to die on our behalf. Who are we to questions your ways? We, who have been given much, should honor and exalt your name! For there is no greater Honor than this, “ To seek your Face, day and Night and exalt your name among men! I Thank you for the blessings of the future, for you are a God who sees all and fights for the oppressed!


Song 9: I gave thanks to The Lord,that even in my sin, He has delivered me! I have tried everything under the sun to bring me happiness and it has brought nothing but destruction. I give thought to my ways and Thankfulness to God Grace. For yearn for things that destroy, but God’s gives us joy everlasting. My Mind shall not be on the destructions or Death, but Bring Life and Life more abundantly within me. I must separate myself from this world and seek the Father. I renounce all my sins in Jesus Name! Break even stronghold and release myself to Worhsip my Father in Heaven. I have forgiven all who have trespassed against my and repent of all my sins! As It is written, “ I have wrote down the Vision and it is this, I shall prosper in the Name of Jesus! I shall be Blessed in every Area of my Life and Lack of Nothing. Favor and Earthly riches shall be given unto me! I shall restore the temple God has give me and Build a Spiritual Army for the Lord! I shall be blessed with riches from the work of my hand and other the Work from others in Jesus Name! I will be able to take care of my family with ease in the area of Spirituality and Finances. Starting today, Financial Blessing and Favor are upon me From my Father in heaven, I shall be directed to greater things in Jesus Name! Let it be remembered, August 21st these things were written and Spoken into Existence in Jesus Name!


Song 10: For Wicked think not of your laws Lord, but my conscience could no longer bear the weight of my Sins. I repented and let go of those things that bring death and destruction Father. Like a Child who is obedient to their Father’s commands, I given us the practices that lead me astray. If my flesh, I stored up greats sin against you Lord, but in an act of Obedience, I have put all those things aside to seek you. You have a path laid out for me, even those temptation creeps like a lion around every corner, I have given my all to you! While the unjust plot and plan to kill, steal and destroy. I have given thoughts to your ways and put my mind to going about your business. Shall I not be favored, shall I not be blessed by your hand! I see men live their life and give no weigh to your Word, but inside of me burn the passion to see your destiny for me come to pass. Lord, let not your Word die, but I pray you resurrect what you have put in me!


Song 11: Who shall see your Face! Is it the Wicked who seek to kill steal and destroy? For while the Righteous are attacked on every side Lord, the wicked plot their plans against your servants. Those whose path are aligned with you Father, while the enemy sits and waits for their arrival. We who have given our life to pursuit after you are being hunted like Animals. Give victory to your servants, send aid to your allies! For with the enemy are many, but greater Army within you that I call upon!


Song 12: Help Father, For no one has Hope! For the Pagans mutters wordly words which the masses accept as Truth, but by the Spirit, they all fall to the Ground! They speak words of acceptance, but there hearts are corrupted. They speak Words of Unity, but in their minds, they plan to create a world free from Praise and Worship of you Father. I walk among a sea of darkness and evil and through all this, I see only One Hope! Bless me with your Favor, Shield me with your hand! I cannot lead alone and affliction flees at your command! My time of need is always and as I seek your face, I stumble down the pathway! Provide for your servant, cover me where I cannot see, Protect me when I do not have the Vision, heal me when I see not my own affliction! You have created me for your work Lord and I plead with you to complete what you have began!


Song 13: How Long Father, Shall I lean to western medicine to heal and not your hand! For my Blessings are from you. I have given my destiny in your hands! My enemies rejoice in their attacks against me! The lament in the fact that their plans have come to frustration! But I keep my Praise and Worship in your house. Everything that I have given, it is for you Father. I have not swore allegiance to another! I will keep your Name on my lips, exalting no other above you! I pray is that you took all affliction from me and my household in Jesus Name


Song 14: Is there no Justice in this World! For evil men try in all their ways to destroy the poor and righteous!  For my refuge is in your Father! For your Son Jesus has come to bring light into the darkness of Life! For I have parted from the ways of the wicked Father, but evil still chases me. My prayer is this Father, Help me in my areas of weakness, free me from the Debts of Others! I cannot give myself fully to you Lord, If I am in the Service of Sin. Even the slaves in egypt were freed to Serve you!


Song 15: Who shall dwell in the house of the Lord! Those who are obedient to his Word! Those who see the deceit and the errors of their sin and repent wholeheartedly and turn from their ways! For the righteous set their minds to the things of God and go down that path. For we are not our own and we must give thought and acknowledge the Lord in all our ways! Who shall be Blessed by the Hand of God are those who rebuke the devour and meditate on the Word of the Lord. For God’s Goodness shall fill me for all my days!


Song 16: Father, you are my High Tower Fortress! In you, I have found safe keeping. For your love will forever be on my lips! I have nowhere else to run!  I will not follow after those who worship false idols or give themselves to craved idols! For you Love those who seek righteousness and follow after your lead. Continue to Bless your Son by your hand so I may repay all my debtors! In Jesus Name, Bless my next Job Lord so I may repay all these debtors and My faith still Believes in the Full healing of Jonah, this will be a sign and Miracle of your Love!