My Daily Song 17-32

Song 17: I cry out to my Father with this, my foes are not my own! For the path I have taken to see your face is maligned with my enemies! Hungry as lion’s to see calamity over take me! But Is it not written, that they hated you before me! Have I taken my Father’s enemy in my quest to fulfill my destiny! If I am tested Night and Day, should I not receive a mere legion of Angels at my Command! These things are written and I now speak into existence! Faith is a substance unseen, but from the Mouth of those who believe shall come forth fruition. I give no honor and utterance to any other Name. I have not given myself to any idols! I have given myself to you Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Firstborn of All Created! In this I decree, I shall not lament from the pursuit of seeing your face!


Song 18: Lord,  you are my Strength and my Rock! You have delivered me out of the hands of my enemies! I thank you Lord for every battle won known and unknown and every Victory you have given unto me. For the ways of those who follow your command shall lead to salvation! I thank you Lord that you have carried me in your right hand! Your favor covers my like the Waters of the Earth! I am Blessed by your Word and lead by your righteousness. For no man can live on bread alone, but every Word spoken from you. I give you honor and praise for the works of your hand! I pray you continue to give me favor in the area or finances, health and family in this time in Jesus Name!


Song 19: The Glory of the Lord is seen by all Men! Who can look at he splendors of the World and say they have been made by Humans Hands! For The Lord of Given Us The Sky, The Moon and The Sun as proof of His everlasting Love! For Day and Night we see the Dance of The Sun and Moon Above Our Heads, revealing the Depths of His Love. It is by God’s Hands that we are guided. Those we struggle and stumble, we pray that The Lord Pick us up and continue forth. In all my ways I shall acknowledge the Lord, even in my weakness!

Song 20: May The Lord remember Your Prayers! As it is written, Let not one Word fall to the ground! Let the Father in Heaven Remember your Obedience, as It is Written, OBedience is greater than Sacrifice! For all I have received, I will share with you this; In my time on this earth, Father has provided every Need! Through Christ, All things are possible to those who Believe! Follow in the Path of the Father, within his fortress, we are protected. Remember all the blessing God has given, for our trust is in the Lord!


Song 21: I exalt you Oh Lord, How get and Powerful is your Name! For you have given your First Born of all creation to redeem those who were made lower than Angels! How does one fathom the depth of your Love! With Lips of gratitude, I honor your Name! I seek your Mercy in my weakness, but Give Fatih in your Destiny for Me. For what you are building within me Lord, It shall be complete, It shall come to Pass! For you are Worthy Oh lord, For you did not keep me alive to serve myself! I Believe and Have Faith and see the working of your Hand. Help me oh Lord, In all areas where I am weak of Faith! Your goodness goes beyond time. For the minds of Men Cannot understand what you have prepared. I long for the days when the mighty Kings shall cast their Crowns at the sound of your Glorious Name!


Song 22: Father Father, Why Have you Forsaken me in this Darkest Hour! I take on many sins that are not mine! My enemies are continually after me and shall not relent! They accuse me of a great many things, mock me for following your Name. I know nothing but what you have shown me, and the Path that is Laid before me is lined roaring lions, laying in wait! Darkness tries to overcome, but he greatestness of your Mercy Endures Forever! My unseen enemies cast lots to torturement me, they conspire against your servant! He shall shall me against great evil! Am I alone on this journey of Faith, Are you not always close to those you Love! My Suffering and Affliction, who shall tend to my wounds! Who shall silence the lies whispered to me day and Night, I get no relief! In you and by your Name, Let all created beings she the power and glory of your Name!


Song 23: The Lord is my Groom, With this Marriage, I shall need all access to everything! His Word leads me for darkness, into the Light. Though I have sinned, His Death and cleansed me clean. Though I have stumbled, I shall continue on the Pathway of Righteousness. For all my days, evil shall pursue me, by This all ends when I shall See his face! I Long for the days when judgement comes and Mercy is received at His right Hand!


Song 24: The Universe is the Lord’s and our existence is found in Him! For they Heavens sing of His Glory and the Sun reflects the Depth of His Light! Who is worthy to the see the face of God! Only those who give other their sins shall ascend to the House of the Lord! For there is only One That washes us clean, Jesus! Through Him, all things are possible! Through him, we have been redeemed!


Song 25: Father, you are my Trust! For I am anguished day and Night, tormented by the troubles of this world! But I have written down and decreed your love over my Life. With you by my side, who shall I fear! For all my days, my enemies torment me, but I have kept Faith in your Love. Though I am afflicted, your Words set me free! No one who trust in you shall ever be let down. You know the hour which I am in Father and I continue to believe and pray that you are delivering a great blessing to your people! I declared the great wonders of your Hand and standfast by your Word!


Song 26: Father, I am unworthy of any test! For I have failed in Both my vows and obedience to you. Though my Heart is to live for you, I have often gone off the path you have set before me. My heart is in anguish and I have given wait to the unseen forces that pursue me. Those who practice deceit, I have joined and sat at their table. My sins are clear to see, for there is no where in the Light I shall hide them. But there is one thing that i declare and that I shall never let go! In Jesus Name, I repent of all my sins! I declare by your Mercy that I am free and redeemed! You set my feet on even ground You turn my tears into Joy! Where I have been judged, you have freed me for all my Sins!


Song 27: The Lord is My Strength and I shall not lean to another! For god is my Light and my Salvation in a time of Darkness. I give my life to serving your purpose and Will. I have Lost my Mother and Father and as it is written, you are the Father to those who have none. I set before you this: as a Son, I need my Father! How can One lead a Nation, that in a time of need you are silence. I cry out in my grief. There is no other I call too! Lord of Host, hear my prayer and request! Return my to good fortunes Father, for there is must that is needed in this time!


Song 28: Father, You are my rock, My Fortress! In you is found my love and Salvation! In my time of Need Father, I cry out to you! Please do not be death to me request! Bring Comfort to me in this Hour! Bring comfort in my time of need! Shall my cry fall on deaf ears as those who seek their own needs! The world is full of the poor and the Rich plan their own futures giving no thought to those in suffering! My heart, full of the needs of your people, goes unanswered! I cannot do anything apart from you and my Prayer is that you hear my cry and do not depart from me!


Song 29: Write to His Glory you Stars! Write to His Glory you Everlasting Beings! For the Lord our God is Mighty! Mightier than the pines of the Forest! For our God sits over Mighty Waters! For His Glory is unmatched. The Cherub that surrounds him praise his Holy Name Day and Night! For there is no wonder seen or unseen that can match the greatness of the Lord. I have given thought to my ways and for all my days, I shall Worship His Holy Name!


Song 30: I will praise The Lord my God through good times and Bad! For my heart is hurting today Father, for reject has come to my door! Though I sit in Sorrow Father, As it is written, “Joy shall come in the morning!” For every night has it daylight! I shall not dwell what is before me, but rejoice in what’s to come! You turn my sorrow into Joy, for your Love knows no bounds! I will keep Faith in your promises as they are everlasting after everlasting!


Song 31: Father, keep me from the hidden traps that I do Not see! For you are my fortress and High Tower and I think you for keeping me covered by your hand! For I have opened myself up to keep close to you. For there is nothing I hold back in my life! For all that I am, i commend unto you Lord! For what is Man that he proclaims himself as King! For we are vessel, weak jars of clay! For I have been broken, and in my brokenness I have return to dust. But by your Spirit, you bring life into these Bones! You have given me Hope and I do not fear the darkness, but renewed by your Love!


Song 32: Father, Blessed are those who Sin’s have been cleansed in Jesus Name! For those who confess with their mouths are blessed! But those who sins they keep hidden are paid for their wages! For my Salvation is found at the cross! For we are dust without you. For you have given us life by your breath! Blessing comes to those who have given their life to you my Lord! For you put a new song in my Heart and call me out to the water’s edge!  Sing all you righteous! Sing even when your Soul is Lo. For the King of Glory Stands and the righteous shall sing his Praise for all Days!