Day 45 Matthew 20:28

“Heart to serve”

“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28I thank God for the Love he has shown me in my life. I thank him because in all my ways, I acknowledge I could not make it without him. So many times in this life, we have put faith in our efforts to support ourselves, but how often do we take time to really appreciate how The Lord has kept us. Day in and day out, I work and when I get complimented, I often take the praise for myself. It is rarely that I ever do any work and give thanks to someone else for what I have done.Christ, who came into this World as a man, was God incarnate. By His own Words, he could of proclaim that all humanity serve him, but acts of Worship He did not seek, but to go forth and preach salvation and to serve those who would evenly kill him. It is beyond humbling to understand what this means. Jesus endured much and served us not for His benefit, but to make way for our redemption. I understand why works are meaningless without Love, because it was that Love that was sacrificed on a Cross for our sins.

The foolishness of the gospel will always be a stumbling block for the proud. For any man who is full of Pride does not love others, but only himself. Where Angels bowed before him in His presence, the people of the World cursed and spat on him. Many may not think they are prideful in their ways, but if any man does not have the Heart of a Servant, then he truly misses out the meaning of Love.

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