Day 1 John 19:30

“The Power of The Cross”
“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”. John 19:30
The Power of the Cross is the Center of Our Message to the world. The foolishness that a God who knew no beginning or end would manifest himself into Flesh for our sake can never be truly understood. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be obedient to His ways. I thank the Lord that he Bore all my sin and made himself an offering so that I may taste eternity and forgiveness. We were made in God’s image and that is something the world will always try and take away from you. All hell seeks to destroy everyone up to the Cross, but when they come to that place where Jesus Bleed was spilled, they find they cannot cross over into the place our Father has for us. That is why we say these things, through Christ, Jesus is the only way to Heaven. If there was any other way, Satan would enter in. Jesus Conquered Satan and bound the strong man so he could no longer keep us bound to the gates of hell.
Lord put it in my heart that no Man could ever understand freedom until he receives this Cross centered message. We must understand that Jehovah stand outside of Time and Space that makes up our existence. It is through the Cross that we enter into a place where Our Lord Dwells. We Plead the Blood not only to cleanse, but to enter into the Place where the Holy of Holies shall dwell. We preach forgiveness, because only but then shall we be cleanse of sin. From this day forth, I shall preach the Cross and the promises for this Generation in Jesus Name!

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